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Will Francis


Will Francis is a visual artist who paints, sculpts, carves, welds, and constructs. Based on the materials available and countless inspirations, he dedicates his creative energies to producing bold, exciting, and accessible artwork for homes and businesses. All art pieces are originals- no replicas nor prints have ever been created. 

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Will Francis holding two small original paintings

About the Artist

Art has been a passion of Will's for as long as he can remember. From roaming the aisles of the Museum of Modern Art in New York to painting his first piece inspired by Picasso- the creative process has always been with him. After a career in the hospitality industry and a desire to re-prioritize his activities during the pandemic, he decided to move his passion for art into his new career. Even though he is a newer artist on the scene, he has always found purpose and satisfaction when working with many different media. 

When he is working on a piece, he doesn't typically know what the end result will be. It has been said that "art is a journey, not a destination." This journey has taken Will through flows of artistic creation that capture paints, clays, rocks, metals, and found objects in stimulating visuals.  Through the process of making art, Will believes he is intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually connected with the artists who came before him, and he aims to inspire a generation of future artists.

Born and raised in the Caribbean, then spending many years in New York City and Los Angeles, and now living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Will's  artwork is a reflection of all the places he has lived- the vibrant life, culture, and strife of all these people and places. 


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